General travel tips




In those Russian cities, that have Metro, it’s ok to use it. Especially in Moscow and St.Petersburg, where each metro station is a masterpiece, so it is very interesting just to get down there as a part of sightseeing. You can buy tickets right at the entrance, both with cash (rubles only) or with credit card!

Make sure you have the map and understand where you need to go, and how to get back. You can use to find the fastest metro route.


Online maps are also available at apps at Google Play and Apple store, just type “Metro map of “Thenameofthecity”. During the daytime and especially in rush hours, metro is going to be much faster, comparing to taxi.

Uber works in all cities in Russia, but you cannot use the American app. You need to download app

“Uber Russia” and may use your American login to log in. Uber in Russia is going to be really cheap.

You don’t need to provide the driver with tips.


Make sure to check the forecast prior to your departure from the US, as weather both in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg changes rapidly. Plus, don’t forget that during the winter time it may be really cold.


It is important to have travel documents up to date and easily accessible, as well as to keep them safe.

You should always carry your passport and the hotel card with you.

In case of emergency you can call 112.

Please contact the US Embassy in case of emergency